Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Buried Life Project

Animoto Video:

Author’s Note:
Hi, my name is Madelaine Lapointe and I am currently in grade 12 at Sturgeon Heights Collegiate. In my Creative Writing class, our final project was to make a bucket list containing all of the things we want to do in our lives before we die. I have always had a little bucket list in the back of my mind that I hoped to accomplish as the days went by, but I had never really taken the time to write out my list. Thankfully, I have been fortunate enough to do many amazing things in my life such as zip lining through the mountains, swimming with dolphins, traveling to Paris and New York and seeing some of my favourite artists in concert. These memories made me realize how many opportunities the world has to offer and how many things I wanted to experience. At first it was a little difficult to start a list, but as I added items day by day, more ideas came to mind. I recently completed making a list of 80 items that I would love to do before I die and I find myself adding to it daily. Along with my list, I made an Animoto video that display the first 33 things on my list. I’m glad I finally made a bucket list because now I will always be reminded of the many things I want to do throughout my life. It’s shocking (and exciting!) to think that I will soon be out of high school, with the whole world in front of me. Now that I have my list written out, I will be more motivated to pursue my hopes and  dreams and make them a reality!

Bucket List:

1.     Go camping in the mountains
2.     Go on an unplanned road trip
3.     Adopt my own puppy when I move out
4.     Go to Brazil to meet my boyfriend's family
5.     Backpack across Europe
6.     Go back to Paris
7.     Put a lock on the Pont de l'Archevêchéin in Paris
8.     Learn another language
9.     Go on a two week canoe trip
10.  Go to my first NHL game (Completed)
11.  Have a house on the water
12.  Grow my hair out
13.  Live in Toronto
14.  Go to school in Toronto
15.  Ride in a hot air balloon
16.  Learn how to play guitar
17.  Build my own house
18.  Buy a polaroid camera so I can document my life
19.  Meet Beyoncé
20.  Spend New Year's Eve in New York
21.  Learn how to snowboard
22.  Sleep in a Quinzee (Completed)
23.  Go skating at the Rockefeller Center
24.  Meet the Queen
25.  Spend the night in the Disney castle
26.  See a Broadway musical in New York
27.  Go to a Justin Timberlake concert (Completed)
28.  Pursue my love for photography
29.  Own a cabin
30.  Ride a camel
31.  Go to the Osheaga music festival
32.  Graduate
33.  Travel with my significant other
34.  Get license
35.  Go on a Mediterranean cruise
36.  Have my own independent business  
37.  Work in the film industry
38.  Live in Australia for a few months
39.  Work at Much Music
40.  Go to a Madonna concert
41.  Edit something that is actually produced
42.  Be an extra in a movie
43.  Play hide and seek in Ikea
44.  Buy a Mini Cooper
45.  Be in a band or go on tour with a band
46.  Be an audience member of Ellen
47.  Get married
48.  Grow old with the man I fall in love with
49.  Get laser eye surgery
50.  Have picnic on top of a mountain
51.  Go skiing in the alps
52.  Have more than one job
53.  Go to the World Cup
54.  Have step siblings
55.  Win the 50/50 at an event
56.  Have my own photography site
57.  Go sailing in the ocean again
58.  Be on the Jumbotron at a jets game
59.  Attend cooking classes in Europe
60.  See the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons in concert
61.  Work in Toronto (get an internship)
62.  Have enough money to actually shop in New York
63.  Go on a Safari
64.  Sponsor a child
65.  Run a full marathon
66.  Have a full spa treatment
67.  Ride on a double decker bus... In London
68.  Go parasailing over the ocean
69.  Be on a reality T.V. show
70.  Be a bridesmaid at a wedding
71.  Do the “Color Me Rad” marathon
72.  Eat pizza in Italy
73.  Move somewhere other than Winnipeg
74.  Travel on a train
75.  Swim under a waterfall
76.  Do speed dating
77.  Go to Las Vegas
78.  Have a pet pig
79.  Have a Disney movie marathon
80.  Start a journal so I can look back on my life when I’m older

What Now?
  Well currently I am on the road to #32:Graduation, which I am completely looking forward to (especially since grad is on my birthday!). I can’t wait to have more freedom in everything I do from school, to going out, to travelling. The plan for next year is to begin on the path of my #37:Working in the film industry. I have been accepted into The University of Winnipeg, to hopefully continue at Red River doing the Creative Communications program. I love filming, editing and photography; therefore I am pretty excited to finally follow my passions. After that I want to work for a while and then hopefully accomplish some of my biggest dreams, ever since I was little, #13:Living in Toronto and #14: Going to school there. Before I go off to school though, I want to travel. I guess you could say I will be crossing a few things off my list such as, #4: Going to Brazil to meet my boyfriends family, #8: Learning another language and #53: Going to the World Cup. So far, the plan is to go to Brazil in July for a few weeks right after I graduate. While I am there I will get to meet my boyfriends family, which probably means learning some Portuguese and seeing a side of the world I have always wanted to see. I also just found out that I am subscribed to go to the World Cup! I can't wait! Many of the items on my list are fairly realistic and I have no doubt that I will be able to accomplish most of them. I think that once I begin crossing certain things off my bucket list, it will make it easier to cross off the others. I know that as I grow, my list will too, but the main thing for me is to stay focused and never give up on the things I love most. 


  1. Wow I would love to live in Toronto as well. Maybe not for a long time but at some point in my life. I loved the music

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