Monday, 2 December 2013

Dialogue and Non-Verbal Body Language

"Why isn't it lovely weather today!" Nigel began, as he gazed up at the sky, appreciating the settle sound of the birds chirping above him.

"Well I don't know about you, but I have seen many beautiful days in my lifetime." Ed joined, "I have travelled all over the world... Just ask me and I'm sure I can answer 'I've been there!"

"I bet you have seen many wonders in your life, the world is a beautiful place." Nigel responded, "But I have to ask you, how come out of all the places you've travelled, you chose to live here?"

"Well you see my friend," Ed started, as he rested his newspaper on his lap and shifted his body towards Nigel. "Do you think those places would remain as beautiful in my eyes if I stayed there for a great amount of time? The places I travel to remain extraordinary because I'm not exposed to them every single day."

Nigel looked up and around at the people and places that surrounded him. Everything began to seem so familiar, from the park across the street with the kids running around playing, to the little old woman working at the bakery.

"I see what you're saying," Nigel began, "You value a place more when it's new and you're fresh to the experience. If you overstayed your welcome you might begin to take the place for granted because the initial excitement would slowly fade." He continued. "I would sure love to travel though," added Nigel, slowly lowering his head. "I haven't been to many different places."

Ed's eyes opened wide.

"You have to be kidding me! Ed exclaimed, as he stood up in front of Nigel grasping his hands. "The world is too beautiful to miss out on!"

"I-" Nigel started, before being interrupted by Ed.

"You must come on a trip with me my friend! Where would you like to go?" Ed questioned. "The trip is on me!" He finished, grasping Nigel's hand,pulling him off the bench. 

The two men began walking briskly down the street, excited to commence their voyage. 

I'll have to go sit on park benches more often! Nigel thought to himself as they continued walking side by side into the distance.

    =Non-Verbal Body Language

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