Sunday, 13 October 2013

Six Word Memoir Debrief

 What did I learn about storytelling?

I learned that it doesn't take much to tell a story. Stories don't have to be several paragraphs in length explaining every little detail, they can be as simple as a single picture. For our six word memoirs, we learned how to tell a story with six words and a picture. It was a little difficult to take a story and turn it into only six words, but it was also interesting to see that you can tell a story without explaining every little detail. The picture helps lead the reader in the right direction, but only having six words, a lot of the story is left for the reader to figure out.

Where did I show my knowledge about using storytelling skills?

I showed my knowledge of storytelling skills by using the appropriate punctuation to convey my feelings for each specific memoir. My choice of wording shows my knowledge for storytelling skills because I could only use six words to tell a story. I had to narrow my words down or try and fit more words in that would still make sense while portraying my exact thoughts to the image and memory. It was also important to use the correct fonts, colours, filters and effects to carry my emotion through the image. I tried to show this in each memoir, for example in my memoir on Christmas with the wording "Most wonderful time of the year", I used an effect to make the image look older. By making the image look older, it helped show that the image was from the past. I kept the colours and the script writing to still give the image life and convey the happy feeling. All of these little steps helped in telling a story.

What did I learn as a reader, writer, thinker, and/or storyteller?

After reading all of my classmates six word memoirs, I learned to be more open minded. Not being behind the choice of picture and words, I learned that it was left up to me as a reader to make up what I thought their stories were with the information and visuals they gave me. I also learned that six words can actually say a lot about an image and memory which was very intriguing to me. As a writer I learned that I could narrow down all of my emotions and descriptions simply into six words. A lot of the time I am used to giving out every little detail to a story and continuing to expand on my thoughts but for this assignment, I had to focus on choosing my words wisely. As a thinker I learned how to think in six words yet still be able to tell people a story. At first it was hard but with a little practice, each memoir became easier.

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