Sunday, 13 October 2013

Character iPhone Case

Book: The Art of Racing in the Rain
Author: Garth Stein
Pages Read: Completed

Enzo's iPhone

1. iTv- This is an app where Enzo can watch all of his favourite shows while he's home alone for the day.

2. iWoof- Since Enzo can't exactly talk being a dog, iWoof translates his bark so he can communicate with humans. Now everyone can finally know what he's thinking!

3. Speedway- This app is a racing game for Enzo to play. All he has to do is nudge the phone with his nose to tilt and bark to go faster. The more he barks, the faster his car will go.

4. iLearn4dogs- Since Enzo has always wanted to know how to spell, this app will help him out.

5. RacewayTips- This app contains all the tips you'll ever need to know on the racetrack. Now Enzo will know all the tricks when Denny takes him out to the track or they watch racing on T.V.

6. iPaw- When Enzo is left home alone, it gets hard for him. Especially now with older age. Enzo just needs to press his paw and Denny will be alerted.

7. PupTricks- All the tricks Enzo will need to know to impress his family!

8. Games4Kids- This app is a variety of different games Enzo can play with Zoe now that she's getting older.

9. FormulaOne- Since Denny is going to be a driver for Formula One, Enzo can now keep up to dates with all Denny's stats and races.

10. iBooks- This app is for audio read books. Since Enzo can't read, he will be able to learn new things just by listening.

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