Thursday, 14 November 2013

Newspaper Blackout

Last week in class, our assignment was to follow in the steps of Austin Kleon and make our very own "Newspaper Blackout." A Newspaper Blackout is when you take any story from a newspaper and completely transform it by blacking out certain words while revealing the words that end up creating your final poem or story. This is a very interesting project because you can start out with a story that has a negative outlook and end up changing it into a positive poem about love. This was my first time ever trying this way of story telling and I would highly recommend others to try it! Also check out Austin Kleon's site and follow him on Instagram! I love looking at the different stories he writes every day. 


CHANGING THE WORLD: The secret is to find something about changing the world for society and enjoy the brilliant vision.
AFFECTION AND LOVE: Enjoy time and learn to process affection and love.
ACROSS THE HILL: Words of love take place across the hill. 

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