Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Photography- Clone

Last week in Photography our assignment was to "clone" an object or person and create a scene. I asked my friend Emma if she would be interested in being my model and she was so excited saying, " I can dress up like I'm in The Great Gatsby! I have a bunch of outfits!" Taking these images were quite simple. First of all, you need to set up your tripod in a spot where your shots will be able to include your subject in several different places. Also, you need to set your camera to a good exposure so that your final image is clear and well lit. The trick in cloning an image is to not move your tripod or change any of the cameras settings unless you want problems layering the images later in Photoshop. The only thing that is allowed to move or change while creating your image is your subject! Because the background and exposure remains the same in each separate shot, the final layering in Photoshop should go smoothly. I began with one of the images as my base layer and from there I selected my subject from every other image and just layered them on top of one another. This is a fun assignment that you can do a lot with if you put your imagination to it!