Thursday, 14 November 2013

Quick write #3 -Our Island

We had been travelling for what seemed to be hours, across the ocean in our boat filled high to the rim with belongings. As the sky grew darker and the wind began to pick up, I began to worry. "Please! There can't be a storm now!" I pleaded as I felt my body slowly beginning to give up on me. The waves continued to grow bigger and bigger as my muscles became heavier with every last stroke I attempted. "We're never going to arrive." I muffled under my voice. "This must be a joke!" I continued as I looked out into the ocean and the distance ahead of us looked longer than ever before. In every direction we looked, the dark blue water and waves surrounded us like we were the only people within miles. The current continued to grow stronger, while the waves felt as if they were counteracting every movement we made. "Maybe we should head back" I started. Suddenly, I was interrupted as the sky cleared up and changed into the most beautiful shade of bright blue, revealing the slightest hints of emerald green. It almost seemed as if someone from above was looking out for us and wanted us to continue. We gathered whatever strength we had left and proceeded to paddle onward. Finally among the waves and fog, there it was. Our very own island. At last it was revealed! With just one glance at it's beauty, all our negativity that we had accumulated upon our journey vanished. Our island was absolutely breathtaking. We placed our paddles down to admire the pure grace that stood before us. I soon began to wonder, "Is our island actually as special as it looks? Or are we just so pleased to finally be here that anything could possibly look good right now?" I quickly stopped my thoughts. It couldn't just be my imagination, I had honestly never seen a sight quite as outstanding as our new island and home. There was still one question to be answered though... Why had they sold us the island for only five dollars? "They must be mad...or extremely generous!" I thought to myself as I gazed up at the beauty that was now in plain view. "You couldn't possibly want to get rid of a paradise like this... Impossible." 

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