Monday, 30 September 2013

6 Word Memoir #3

This picture is of my best friend Annie and I when we were six. We have been friends for over 11 years and never go a day without talking. Together, we have created so many memories that I couldn't imagine life without her. You can see from this image how our personalities balance. Annie has always been more enthusiastic and comical in comparison to me who is more shy and reserved. 

This six word memoir is in black and white to show that it is from the past and I didn't want viewers to be distracted by all the colour. Black and white is a simple, classic filter that makes you focus on the important aspects of the photo. I used this text because it looks more like a kids writing therefore relates to the image. I wrote these words with a pause in between to state that I would love to keep Annie in my life forever. I feel the pause makes the forever seem more dramatic and strong. As we continue on in life, I hope that our friendship will continue and the happiness that we felt in this picture will remain. 

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