Monday, 30 September 2013

6 Word Memoir #1

When I was younger I really wanted a puppy because being an only child, I hated being alone all the time. For six years around Christmas and my birthday, I would try and hint to my parents that our household needed a Golden Retriever puppy. I tried everything, from bringing it up at dinner, sending my parents emails and make icons on the desktop of our computer to websites with dogs. Luckily when I was eleven, I finally got my wish. Close to my birthday we went on a road trip and I had no clue where we were going. All of a sudden, I had a dozen Golden Retriever puppies around me and my parents told me to pick one! Knowing my parents would give in one day, I already had a name picked out and everything. I named my new puppy Molly and it might be lame to say, but she is one of  my best friends. 

I chose this picture for one of my memoirs because she is sitting on her mat that says Molly. I used the sepia effect because this picture is from the past and this effect makes it look older. I used this text because "Baby Girl" is Molly's nickname. Ever since we got her, she was just so cute it seemed to suit her. Now that she is six, we still call her "Baby Girl" every day. I used this punctuation to make a short statement that got the point across. I think this statement is cute because it shows that I have loved her since the day I got her and never stopped. 

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